How to select your Perfect Toilet Seat

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It is easy to find a toilet seat that meets any need or application. This site, powered by Bemis Manufacturing Company, allows you to search well-known brands like Bemis, Church and Mayfair to find the ideal seat for you. Click one of the options below to begin exploring.

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Explore by Bathroom Type

With many different bathroom types, it can seem overwhelming to find the perfect toilet seat for your home. Select the bathroom type you would like to explore, and make the process much easier.
Your lakehouse or cabin is the perfect spot to get away from it all. From rustic to contemporary, click here to explore different toilet seat options that complement your bathroom.
Whether you are just buying your first property, or have been living in your condo for years, click here to explore a variety of toilet seats that tailor to your bathroom needs.
From college towns to city centers, having a quality toilet seat that is functional, comfortable and hygenic is essential. Select the bathroom type you would like to explore.
From Kindergarten to High School, Vo-Tech to College, click here to explore toilet seats that will meet your specific application needs.
Restroom cleanliness in the Food Service segment ranks extremely high with patrons. Click here to see the innovative, heavy-duty commercial toilet seats designed to provide the solution to cleanliness and meet the needs of the Food Service segment.
Patient welfare and infection control are two of the most important considerations within the healthcare segment. These commercial toilet seats are specifically designed for patient and public restrooms. Select the bathroom type you would like to explore.
Provide your guests with the same level of comfort, quality, style and hygiene they have come to expect from their residential toilet seat, but in a seat that is engineered for commercial service. Select the bathroom type you would like to explore.
Your employees expect their office restrooms to reflect the same level of cleanliness and quality that they are accustomed to at home. Click here to see heavy-duty commercial toilet seats designed specifically for the public restroom.
When your guests visit your restroom, the expectation of cleanliness is top of mind. Click here to see products for the Recreation and Entertainment segment that will meet your specific application.
Your customers support your business because they trust the products and services you provide. That is why you should provide them with a commercial toilet seat that meets their need for comfort, quality, hygiene and innovation. Click here to explore.
Public restrooms in the travel and transportation segment experience above average use on a day-to-day basis and in some cases, experience above average abuse. Equip your restrooms with these heavy-duty toilet seats to meet those demands.