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Toilet Seat Brands & Features

Brands & Features

As the leader in toilet seats, Bemis consistently crafts high-quality designs with innovative touches that are in tune with your personal needs and habits.

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Every detail plays a role in creating your ideal bathroom. Our collections provide style, exceptional finishes and intuitive designs.

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Water does it better! Our bidet seats, attachments and accessories advance bidet technology into luxurious, modern necessities that revolutionize your bathroom experience.

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Our Features

Never Loosens

Stay·Tite® Seat Fastening System™ secures your toilet seat to the bowl for a seat that will never loosen

Learn more about Stay·Tite

Slow Close

With just a tap, the Whisper•Close® feature lets the toilet seat slowly and quietly close

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Easy to Clean Toilet Seat

Quickly and easily remove your seat for cleaning.

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Precision·Fit® lets you align the seat on the bowl during installation for the perfect bowl fit.

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Potty Training

A seat for the whole family, with a potty-training ring sized perfectly for toddlers

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Sit Securely

Bumpers grip seat firmly to the bowl, preventing shifting

Learn more about Super Grip Bumpers