Caregiving and Toileting: New Assurance With Clean Shield + Personal Wash Bidet Makes It Easier |
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Caregiving and Toileting: New Assurance With Clean Shield + Personal Wash Bidet Makes It Easier

Younger woman helping elderly woman using a walkerFor many reasons, you can become a caregiver for a loved one or friend. If this person is able to use the bathroom, providing help during toileting may now be part of your caregiving role.

This can feel uncomfortable for both of you, but you want your loved one to maintain good hygiene and also preserve their dignity during this vulnerable process.

The all-new Assurance with Clean•Shield and Personal Wash Bidet addresses this in an effective, secure way. Until now, there hasn’t been an elevated seat on the market with bidet functionality! It provides benefits including:

  • Your loved one can operate it independently, maintaining their dignity.
  • This eliminates the embarrassment of having to effectively wipe/clean your loved one after he/she uses the toilet.
  • Assurance will never shift or loosen with use, so your loved one has the reassurance of using a secure toilet seat.

How does Assurance with Personal Wash Bidet work?

This non-electric bidet is designed exclusively for the Assurance Raised Toilet Seat. The bidet operates with an easy twist function, with each click increasing water flow. It’s simple to use – you can easily turn the dial, or you can offer gentle encouragement: “Mom, go ahead and turn the dial to start the wash step.”

Two independent valves allow the user to change the water stream, while a t-valve controls the incoming water pressure. The handle has a user-operated function that cleanses the nozzle after use.

How does Assurance with Personal Wash Bidet improve toileting for both the caregiver and the loved one?

  • Because users can operate it independently, it preserves their dignity while also making it easier for caregivers to assist.
  • Using a bidet may reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections, perineal issues, and the discomfort of hemorrhoids.
  • It improves hygiene for both user and caregiver by eliminating the need to wipe. Wiping is not only messy, but it doesn’t provide the thorough cleaning that water does.
  • Wiping can be harsh on thinner skin. Caregivers may be unaware of how sensitive their loved one’s skin is, putting it at risk for tearing or discomfort. This wash bidet’s Comfort Stream provides a gentle alternative to harsh toilet paper and wiping.
  • Using a bidet gives a refreshing feeling, especially for individuals who use incontinence pads, and those experiencing constipation or diarrhea.
  • Users with arthritis or other related issues often experience joint pain. Using the Personal Wash Bidet eases discomfort by eliminating the need to twist and reach for toilet paper.

Tell me about the Assurance seat itself. What features does it have?

The Bemis Independence Assurance is a 3” raised toilet seat designed to help during sitting and standing. It has a funnel design that directs everything toward the bowl, and its glossy surface wipes clean easily.

Thanks to the STAY•TITE™ system, it installs easily and will never shift or loosen with use.

The Personal Wash Bidet is made exclusively for the Assurance seat. The nozzle position is designed to operate smoothly and effectively for the seat’s 3” height.

The Assurance with Personal Wash Bidet also comes with Support Arms. These are fully weight-bearing, tested to 350 pounds on each side, and designed to take uneven pressure without shifting. They provide assistance during sitting and standing, giving users with mobility issues the additional security they need.

Where can I get Assurance with Personal Wash Bidet?

This innovative product is available as a bundle (Assurance Raised Toilet Seat, Personal Wash Bidet and Support Arms) on our website and on Amazon. It is also available separately at HME dealers; please call our Customer Service team at 888-722-6488 for locations.