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Is Your Seat Grandma-Approved?

If you yearn for a space where the ping! of devices is a faint echo from afar; where the phrase “Little Women” conjures up turning pages and not a posse of middle schoolers; where cloth napkins dab away crumbs and doilies dot arm rests, you’re likely a grandmillennial.

What, you ask, is a grandmillennial?

It’s a young person who embraces things their grandmothers adored: chintz, tasseled lamps, needlepoint and hydrangeas, to name a few.

For a while now we embraced minimalism, flying to dumpsters and beating a path to donation centers with bags stuffed with our unwanted stuff. We pared our possessions down to essentials, feeling the satisfactory rush that comes after a much-needed purge.

That’s fine and dandy for some. But there are those who feel more at home sitting on the porch in a wicker chair, drinking a tall glass of iced tea. Quite possibly wearing a crocheted sweater and eyeglass chains.

They’re the grandmillennials we’re talking about.

What do their homes look like?

A grandmillennial sets the table with Wedgwood china. Uses cloth napkins and vintage silverware. Covers their sofa with chintz and plugs in a fringed lamp nearby. Their bed is made with a set of vintage linen sheets – bought at an estate sale and likely monogrammed with someone else’s initials – and topped with a scalloped-edge bed skirt.

woman watering hydrangeas, bowl filled with straw and small bathroom supplies and old fashioned lamp with tasseled fringe

Walking in their bathroom, you smell delicate lavender soap and see piles of fluffy, white towels. There’s a hand-hooked rug in front of the clawfoot tub.

As you may have guessed, we’re partial to bathroom décor. We're thrilled when we help someone build a design aesthetic or continue a beautiful theme.

So we came up with a grandmillennial suite of toilet seats that really capture the bygone era and cozy spirit of this trend.

To complement all the chintz, toile and hydrangea, blue and pink are great starting points. Our toilet seats in Wild Rose,

Regency Blue, and Twilight Blue are ideal. Understated and classic, they fit right in without overwhelming.

These toilet seats have all the features grandma would approve of: They never loosen, they remove for easy cleaning, and their slow-close feature means your enjoyment of a tall glass of iced tea on the porch will never be interrupted by a slamming toilet seat.

Want to match your metal eyeglass chains instead? Our chrome-hinged toilet seats add panache to your grandmillennial bathroom. They’re stylish, with a dash of chrome that draws the eye. As expected, they’re grandma-approved, with a no-loosen sensibility, paired with easy cleaning, slow-close and the added benefit of Super Grip™ stabilizing bumpers to prevent seat shifting.

If your grandmillennialism tends toward natural, say wicker or rattan, we’ve got a seat for you. In fact, with our Natural Reflections seats, you might be tempted to carry your iced tea right into the bathroom with you! In Natural Oak, this seat comes with chrome hinges, so if you just happen to have a cane chair or an oak side table in your bathroom - voila! - this seat is the perfect partner. 

Would grandma appreciate this? We like to think so.