Bemis Independence Support Arms for Assurance® with Clean·Shield Toilet Seat A05313 GRY |
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Bemis Independence Icon Support Arms Distance
A05313 GRY S

Bemis Independence Support Arms for Assurance® with Clean·Shield

Model #A05313 GRY

Bemis Independence Support Arms for Assurance® with Clean·Shield Aluminum / Plastic Support Arms Grey

Seat Color: Grey (#GRY)

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Product Description

Support Arms provide additional assistance to users during the sitting and standing process. Arms must be steady and secure to provide the proper support. The Bemis Support Arms, when combined with the Assurance seat, provide secure and steady support for the user. Secure Arms are just one way we are redefining your expectations.

Our Support Arms are weight bearing and have been tested to over 300 lbs. per side. The ergonomic design allows the user to place their hands where they can best support themselves when sitting and standing. The width of the arms provides a comfortable seating area for the user. Simple, but important benefits focused around the end user.
  • Support Arms can bear weight to over 300 lbs. per side
  • Support Arm strength combined with Snap 2 Secure® allows the user to push unevenly without any loosening
  • The user can depend on the arms to support them when sitting down or standing up
  • Arms are ergonomically positioned to properly support the user
  • Comfortable 21" width between the arms fits in virtually all bathrooms while providing extra width for the user
  • Arm width allows the seat ring to be raised in the upright position for easy cleaning and standing use of the toilet
  • Diameter meets ADA requirement for grab bars
  • Arms are only designed for use with the Assurance™ toilet seat


  • Brand:
    Bemis Independence
  • Model No*
    A05313 GRY
  • Material:
    Aluminum / Plastic


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