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Easy to Clean Toilet Seat

Quickly and easily remove your seat for cleaning.

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Quickly and easily remove your seat for cleaning

Having a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom is simple with our toilet seats with the Easy Clean feature! The hinge system on these toilet seats is designed to allow you to remove the seat quickly and easily for thorough cleaning. You now have full access to those hard-to-reach areas around the bolt holes! Simply wipe clean, slide the toilet seat back on the bowl and secure the hinge caps. Voila! Don’t you wish all your housecleaning was this easy?

Regardless of which hinge option you choose, you’ll get a toilet seat that’s easy to remove with no more hassles and no wondering what’s lurking under your hinge caps. These designs improve your life by allowing you to clean thoroughly, and best of all, are easy to reattach! No tools, just a simple flip, push or click does the job.

To clean your toilet seat, we recommend using mild hand soap and water. Anti-bacterial hand soap, dish soap, or anti-bacterial wipes are also acceptable – using any of these will preserve your toilet seat’s glossy finish. If you use wipes, please make sure to thoroughly dry the ring and cover with a paper towel. As we said, any harsh chemical or abrasive will dull your toilet seat’s finish. View the full list of offenders here.