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The Recliner of Toilet Seats

TruComfort with Ergo•Curve Technology

TruComfort lives up to the hype, turning a trip to the bathroom into a getaway. It’s the ideal addition to your master bath suite, and the perfect companion for your Man Cave bathroom. Fully equipped with features and easy to install, this resilient plastic toilet seat resists wear, chips and stains.

Ultimate comfort and conformability
Designed for long bathroom visits
Larger surface area for sitting
Fits all elongated toilet bowls
Loaded with features
Easy to install
Proudly made in the USA


Standard vs. TruComfort Seats 

Pressure Points Comparison

TruComfort with Ergo•Curve™ Technology, Flex•Zones™ and a larger surface area:

  • Relieve pressure points
  • Conform to your backside
  • Cushioned support & 16% larger surface area
  • Provide comfort for extended stays
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TruComfort’s flex inserts relieve pressure points, conform to your backside and provide comfort

Comfort Where It Counts!

Ever get up from sitting on the toilet and feel like you have a square hinder? Not anymore! TruComfort features Ergo•Curve Technology, meaning it's contoured for comfort, with Flex•Zones™ that relieve the pressure points normally found on other toilet seats.

So go ahead - sit for as long as it takes, because TruComfort is the recliner of toilet seats! Fully featured seat is easy to install, fits all manufacturers' elongated bowls, and will never loosen - ever. Slow-close feature eliminates slamming and Super Grip Bumpers prevent shifting. Removes for easy cleaning. This resilient plastic toilet seat resists wear, chips and stains.

Why Are the Neighbors Suddenly Dropping In?

You bought a TruComfort when you moved into your new house. With Flex•Zones™ that alleviate pressure points and a contoured ring, it lets you sit for as long as it takes!

TruComfort features the STA-TITE® Seat Fastening System that installs easily and will never loosen. Slow-close feature eliminates slamming and Easy•Clean hinges let you remove the seat for thorough cleaning.

So if the neighbors suddenly start dropping in, asking to use your bathroom, you know why: You've got TruComfort, the only seat with flex zones!

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Superior Comfort

Ergo·Curve® Technology
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Relieves Pressure

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sta tite seat fastening benefit thumbnail

Never Loosens

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easy clean benefit thumbnail

Removes for Easy Cleaning

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