Frequently Asked Questions

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Toilet Seat Finish & Cleaning

Why is the toilet seat color fading and why are there scratch marks on the seat?
Most cleaners used in bathrooms are harsh and abrasive. We recommend staying away from toilet bowl cleaners, cleaning wipes or cleaning products that contain bleach, aerosols, vinegar, essential oils or abrasives. Such cleaners can remove the finish, dulling the color, or can scratch the finish. Cleaning with just a mild hand soap and water will help maintain a glossy finish to your seat while killing germs. If you are still concerned about fading color or scratch marks, we recommend you try our plastic seats. The color is incorporated all the way through the seat and our durable plastic resists chips and scratches well.
What can be used to clean my toilet seat?
We recommend using a mild hand soap and water when cleaning your seat. Most cleaners used in bathrooms are harsh and abrasive. Stay away from toilet bowl, cleaning wipes, or cleaning products that contain bleach, aerosols, vinegar, essential oils or abrasives. This will help maintain a glossy finish to your seat. For a seat that resists these chips and scratches, try our plastic seats.
My seat has a stain on it, what is the cause?
Most cleaners used in bathrooms are harsh and abrasive. Stay away from cleaning wipes, toilet bowl cleaners or cleaning products that contain bleach, aerosols, vinegar, essential oils or abrasives. When these agents have been used, staining can occur.
Toilet bowl cleaners can also cause staining. When cleaning your toilet bowl with cleaner, it is important to leave the seat in an upright position to avoid splashing the cleaner onto the seat, and to avoid fumes.
Once staining has occurred from any of these causes, it cannot be removed. For a seat that is simple and fast to clean, we recommend you try our Easy Clean & Change® plastic seats. Not only are they a breeze to clean, but if you decide you wish to change your seat, it is a very easy process.

Finding the Right Seat

Do you carry any seats that have materials, i.e., money, leaves, etc. embedded in the seat?
Unfortunately we do not manufacture seats with embedded items. However, we recommend you try our Sculptured Molded Wood Seats. They come in a variety of designs including shell, tulip, rose and ivy, and would be perfect for your specialty bathroom.
Does the My Own Potty™ seat fit in both round and elongated toilet bowls?
Yes. We make the seat to accommodate all sizes. However, we recommend you try our NextStep® Child/Adult Built-in Potty Seat™. This all-in-one seat accommodates both adult and child users, making it perfect for your potty training needs. The potty seat secures in the cover with a magnet when not in use, and can be easily pulled down by your toddler. The NextStep® fits on both round and elongated toilet bowls.
How much weight can your seats hold?
Our seats, depending on model, do have a suggested weight standard. The table below includes the weight standard by type of seat, and a suggested model:
Type of Seat Weight this seat holds (Lbs.) Recommended Seat
My Own Potty 100 NextStep® Built-in Potty Seat™, Whisper•Close® with STA-TITE® and Easy•Clean & Change® Hinges
Molded Wood Seats 300 Molded Wood Seat, Easy•Clean & Change® Hinges, Tapered Beveled Edge Cover
Plastic Commercial Seats 500 Heavy Duty Open Front Less Cover Commercial Seat, STA-TITE® Hinges
Plastic Residential Seats 350 Plastic Seat, Whisper•Close® with Easy•Clean & Change® Hinges and STA-TITE®
MedicAid Lift Seats 300 Heavy Duty Open Front Less Cover Commercial Seat, STA-TITE® Hinges with 2" Lifts
4 Inch Lift Spacers 500 Closed Front Less Cover Commercial Seat, Traditional Hinges with 4" Lifts
Paramont™/Solace™ Toilet Seat 1000 Oversized Plastic Seat, STA-TITE® Metal Hinges
MedicAid Seats with Safety Side Arms 250 Open Front Less Cover Medic-Aid Commercial Seat with STA-TITE® and Stainless Steel Safety Side Arms
What is the bolt spread of your toilet seat?
The standard bolt spread is 5.5 inches from center of hole to center of hole. You can see displays at local retail outlets. We do, however, have seats with a larger spread. Our seats used to fit a few American Standard bowls have a 10-inch spread. They are models EL270, LC212, and NW209E10. We also have a seat to fit the Case toilet, which has a 7.5-inch spread, and bolts into the tank rather than the bowl. The round model number is 800CCP; the elongated model number is 1900CCP. These non-standard seats can be special-ordered through retail or plumbing wholesale outlets, or directly through the Bemis Bath Shoppe at 888-599-8881.
How do I measure my toilet seat to determine what seat to get as a replacement?
First, you want to measure from the back of the toilet seat to the longest point in the front of the seat. Second, measure the seat from side to side of the seat at the widest point. Finally, measure the bolt spread of the hinges from the center of one hinge to the center of the other hinge. Click here to watch this informational video on how to determine the size of the seat for your bowl.
Should the toilet seat hinge match the color of the toilet seat on all models?
Yes, the hinges match our seats, but there may be a slight shade difference, depending on the color. If you are still concerned, we recommend you try metal hinges. We offer a variety of metal hinges that you can match to your existing bathroom accessories.
Did the design of the soft seat change?

Yes. The design of our soft seat changed in 1998 so more padding could be added to the seat. We have also added chrome and Easy•Clean & Change® hinges to improve the design and look of the seat.

View the variety of soft seats available.

Toilet Seat Functionality

How do I remove my old toilet seat?
Depending on the seat you own, it can be removed with either a screwdriver or a wrench. Remember, your tools are steel and can easily chip the bowl, which is porcelain. If the bolts are rusty or badly calcified, you can spray them with WD-40® penetrating oil, but use only if you do not intend to use the seat again. Let the oil sit for five or ten minutes, and then try loosening the bolts again. If they still won't move, you might want to consider calling a professional. When changing your seat, we recommend you try our seats with Easy•Clean & Change® hinges so you will never have to remove your bolts again.
How long does it take for a Whisper•Close® hinge to close?
The slow close action takes approximately 15 seconds to completely close. This is just enough time to slowly and quietly close, without slamming or pinched fingers. The Whisper•Close® hinge is offered in both metal and plastic, matching with a large variety of bathrooms. View our selection of slow-closing seats.
How long does a Whisper•Close® hinge last?
The slow-close action of the hinge can last up to 30,000 to 50,000 repetitions, if properly cleaned and maintained. However, if particles do accumulate within the hinge, it can prevent the slow-close action. If this occurs, we suggest soaking the hinges in soapy water for about 20 minutes. This should break down the particles and allow the hinge to work properly again.
Why does the front of my new seat overhang the toilet?
Our seats are designed to fit a variety of toilet bowls. In order to do this, we have a standard size for our seats to fit the majority of bowls. Some designs fit better than others.
Why don't you have two sets of bumpers on the toilet seat?
We manufacture our seats to fit a large variety of toilet bowls that have various slants in design. To do this, we have determined that only one set of bumpers is needed to accommodate all bowls. However, various models of our plastic seats have two sets. These include the 200SLOW/1200SLOW and have four bumpers.
Is there a warranty on my toilet seat?
All products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase. If the seat is under warranty, please return it to the place of purchase for an exchange. We recommend a High Density Molded Wood seat or a solid Plastic seat if you are looking for a seat that will be long-lasting and durable.
Why did the seam split on my soft seat?
Each soft seat is designed with a hole to help release pressure when a person sits down. If the hole is not substantial enough, a split can occur. We recommend you try a painted composite wood seat or a solid Plastic seat because of their strength and durability.
Why is my toilet seat cover always falling down on its own?
There are a few things that can cause this to happen.
The fuzzy covers that can be placed on toilet seat lids can cause enough distance between the cover and ring so that it does not lie back far enough against the toilet tank. This can prompt the ring to fall. We do not recommend using fuzzy covers.
The toilet tank may have shifted forward over time. This then could cause the seat to sit more upright than normal, causing the ring to fall down. Gently push the tank back and it should allow for enough angle of the seat.
If the seat is new, it may be a case of tight or loose hinges. If tight, open and close the seat and cover several times to loosen.
We recommend you try our Plastic seats or our High Density Molded Wood seats because their covers are thinner but highly durable. These seats allow for your cover to lay back further on the toilet seat so it does not crash down.

Toilet Seat Installation & Removal

How do you install an Easy•Clean & Change® or STA-TITE® hinge?
View the Easy•Clean & Change® seat videos and installation guide.
Watch the STA-TITE® installation video.
What do I do if the twist cap on my Easy•Clean & Change® seat breaks off?
Contact Customer Service at 800-558-7651 to obtain a replacement cap. Usually, this happens because of incorrect installation. View this informational video to learn how to install your Easy•Clean & Change® seat.
Is my toilet seat fine if the STA-TITE® nut breaks off?
The nut is designed to have the bottom portion of it snap off once you have tightened it to the correct torque. This means that the nut is on securely and your seat will stay in place.
Can I reattach a STA-TITE® nut once I remove it?
You can reattach a nut and it will still hold the seat securely, but it will not tell you when it has reached the correct torque. If you are looking to change your seat and reattach your STA-TITE® nut, we recommend you try our Easy•Clean & Change® with STA-TITE® seats so you will never have to remove the bolts if you want to change your seat again.
How do I obtain replacement sticky washers?
We have developed the new STA-TITE® hinge system that secures a seat tightly to the bowl. Because of this exciting innovation, we no longer use or provide sticky washers. Watch this video to learn more about the various benefits and features of STA-TITE®.
How can I get a fuzzy cover to fit the lid of my toilet seat?
We design our toilet seats to be stylish and fashionable. Unfortunately, this does not allow for fuzzy covers to fit on the seat. If you are looking for a unique design for your bathroom, we recommend our Sculptured Wood Seats. These seats offer a variety of designs that fit the d├ęcor of many different bathrooms.