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Bemis Haven

Model #HV5000E 000

Bemis Haven Elongated Plastic Bidet Toilet Seat White

Shape: Elongated

Seat Color: White (#000)

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Product Description

Achieve pinnacle hygiene with the Bemis Haven 5000 bidet seat. Boasting features such as automatic open/close, UV sterilization, and luxury bidet controls, the Haven 5000 heralds a new era of advanced personal hygiene in the comfort of your own home. Compatible with most toilets, the low-profile design enhances the beauty and function of your bathroom. Choose from a variety of wash options, including water temperature, water pressure, spray pattern, and nozzle position. The enhanced warm air dryer mitigates the need for toilet paper, and the built-in night light illuminates a safe destination for late night trips to the bathroom. Say goodbye to toilet paper, and say hello to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.
  • Auto Open/Close: Quiet and convenient, the automatic function of the Haven 5000 makes each trip to the bathroom a safe and luxurious experience.
  • Luxury Bidet Controls: Enjoy complete customization of your cleaning routine. Easily adjust the water temperature, seat temperature, water pressure, and more!
  • Low Profile Design: Enhance the function of your bathroom without sacrificing style. The low-profile design of the Haven 5000 accommodates bathrooms of all kinds.
  • Enhanced Air Dryer: The three-stage warm air dryer offers a focused and comfortable stream of air. Say goodbye to toilet paper, and say hello to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle!
  • UV Self Clean: The built-in UV self-clean feature automatically cleanses the nozzle after each use.
  • Heated Seat: Sit down to a comfortable heated seat with adjustable temperature controls.
  • Night Light: Featuring iLumaLight, an in-bowl night light illuminates the bowl for simple night-time operation.


  • Brand:
  • Model No*
    HV5000E 000
  • Shape:
  • Material:
  • Style:
    Closed Front with Cover
  • Ring Bumpers:
  • Hinges:


  • Depth:
    20.79 in
  • Width:
    16.38 in
  • Height:
    5.59 in
  • Weight:
    17 lbs

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