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Bemis Sanctuary

Model #S5000E 000

Bemis Sanctuary Elongated Plastic/Ceramic Smart Bidet Toilet White

Shape: Elongated

Seat Color: White (#000)

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Product Description

The Bemis Sanctuary 5000 integrated bidet toilet delivers on functionality and style for maximum performance. Featuring intuitive features like a kick button, auto flush, and customizable bidet controls, maintaining cleanliness is simplified. Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic, the Sanctuary 5000 elevates your bathroom’s style while prioritizing functionality. The remote control allows you to tailor your cleansing experience effortlessly. Adjust settings such as water temperature, water pressure, heated seat, and nozzle position to your preference with ease. Additionally, the Sanctuary 5000 has a powerful flush performance and a 12-inch rough-in.
  • Kick Button: Hands free option to flush the toilet and for opening and closing the seat ring or lid
  • Self Rising: Specific to the bidet toilet, the seat ring or lid rise with the kick button or remote.
  • Enhanced Air Dryer: The three-stage warm air dryer offers a focused and comfortable stream of air
  • Night Light: Making it easy to find you way at night with ambient glow of the in-bowl night light
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle: The stainless-steel finish offers an enhanced style to the single nozzle
  • Oscillate Mode: When in a wash cycle the nozzle can be adjusted to move forward or back
  • Wireless Remote Control: Control bidet settings with a remote


  • Brand:
  • Model No*
    S5000E 000
  • Shape:
  • Material:
  • Ring Bumpers:
  • Hinges:


  • Depth:
    26.89 in
  • Width:
    16.3 in
  • Height:
    20.91 in
  • Weight:
    112 lbs

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