The Best Cushioned Toilet Seat
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The Best Cushioned Toilet Seat

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Learn More About Cushioned Toilet Seats

Our cushioned soft seats start with a classic design, including a solid core for strength and durability. On top of that, we add a padded layer, then cover this with vinyl. The result is ideal for everyday use and is easy to clean.

In addition to the classic design, easy cleaning, and security, these padded seats can also provide a measure of comfort for:

  • patients recovering from surgery.
  • cancer patients – a soft seat can ease the discomfort caused by injections and other treatments.
  • the elderly – soft seats provide a cushioned spot to gently ease onto.
  • individuals with hemorrhoids – their discomfort can be alleviated by using a soft seat.
  • children. Soft seats are ideal for their sensitive skin.

Product Spotlight – Meet Comfort

Your padded toilet seat gives a layer of cushioned comfort that you’ll appreciate each time you sit down. These seats are easy to install and are available in a variety of colors that complement your décor. People tell us they also like the “warm” feeling a cushioned seat provides during the colder months, too.

Why a Soft Seat:

  • Streamlined DIY installation! Will never loosen or require hardware to be tightened with use
  • Plastic hinges allow you to remove the seat for thorough cleaning (Not available in chrome)
  • Colors add subtle highlights to your bathroom
  • Simple to clean. Learn more here
  • Sit in cushioned comfort
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Did You Know?

On average, we spend one hour and 42 minutes each week using the toilet. For some people, that time is extended because a medical or physical condition makes using a standard toilet seat a very uncomfortable experience. If you or a loved one cringe at the thought of sitting on a hard toilet seat, it’s time to consider a Soft Seat.