Bemis Independence Assurance® with Clean·Shield + Personal Wash Bidet Toilet Seat R85320H20 ARM |
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R85320H20 ARM S
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Bemis Independence Assurance® with Clean·Shield + Personal Wash Bidet

Model #R85320H20 ARM

Bemis Independence Assurance® with Clean·Shield + Personal Wash Bidet Round Plastic 3" Premium Raised Toilet Seat with Shield + Support Arms and Exclusive Personal Wash Bidet White Never Loosens with Extra Stability

Shape: Round
Round Toilet Seat Icon Elongated Toilet Seat Icon

Seat Color: White (#000)

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$249.99 MSRP

Product Description

We're EMPOWERING INDEPENDENCE with this ultimate clean package. The Bemis Assurance with Clean Shield + Support Arms and Personal Wash Bidet offers a thorough cleansing experience that provides independence and dignity during toileting. The bundle includes a 3” premium raised toilet seat, Support Arms, and the Personal Wash Bidet attachment. The Personal Wash Bidet attachment uses an adjustable t-valve to control water pressure, while the twist handle controls water flow to the nozzle. Made for easy, independent use that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. The Stay·Tite fastening installation system prevents the seat from wiggling or loosening with use. The seat is made of resilient plastic and features a reverse funnel design that keeps everything in the bowl. Increased seat height eases sitting and standing. Support arms are fully weight bearing and take uneven weight without shifting. Along with empowering independence the Assurance bundle provides additional security, and a residential appearance that blends in.
  • Refreshing spray options – bidet attachment allows user to control water pressure and flow
  • Bidet attachment is built to last with quality brass valve and inlet, plus a braided metal water supply hose and certified built-in check valve
  • Seat height is increased by 3” to ease sitting and standing
  • Seat’s smooth, glossy surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Innovative reverse funnel design keeps everything in the bowl
  • Support Arms are tested to 350 lbs. each side; fully weight-bearing and will not shift with uneven weight
  • Stay·Tite fastening system is engineered to generate and maintain perfect clamping force to properly secure your seat
  • Super·Grip bumpers provide additional stability


  • Brand:
    Bemis Independence
  • Model No*
    R85320H20 ARM
  • Shape:
  • Material:
  • Ring Bumpers:
  • Hinges:


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