Mayfair by Bemis Natural Reflections™ Toilet Seat 9601CP 378 |
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Mayfair by Bemis Natural Reflections™

Model #9601CP 378

Mayfair by Bemis Natural Reflections™ Round Wood Finish Toilet Seat Natural Oak

Shape: Round
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Seat Color: Natural Oak (#378)

Hinge Finish: Chrome

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$37.41 MSRP

Product Description

This round seat provides a unique natural wood look without splitting or cracking, complementing your bathroom décor. The chrome metal hinges are stylish and long-lasting.
  • Stylish chrome hinges complement bath hardware or décor
  • Exceptional wood finish brings natural beauty to your bath with no splitting or cracking
  • Fits most manufacturers’ round toilets


  • Brand:
    Mayfair by Bemis
  • Model No*
    9601CP 378
  • Shape:
  • Material:
    Wood Finish
  • Style:
    Closed Front with Cover
  • Ring Bumpers:
  • Hinges:


  • Bolt Spread:
    5.5 in
  • Depth:
    17.063 in
  • Width:
    14.938 in
  • Height:
    2.188 in
  • Weight:
    5.837 lbs

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