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A06303TWA 000 F

Bemis Independence

Model #A06303TWA 000

Bemis Independence Personal Bidet Wash for Clean Shield Raised Toilet seat

Seat Color: White (#000)

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Product Description

Meet the newest accessory specifically designed for the Clean Shield seat! Our non-electric bidet attachment features a water stream customized for the seated height of the user. This Comfort Stream has two valves that control the incoming water pressure and strength, providing a range of stream options and maximum comfort. Water temperature is ambient to the surroundings. The bidet installs between the seat hinges and the ceramic using our Snap 2 Secure installation system. There is no easier way to effectively clean!
  • Comfort Stream water stream is customized to seated height of user for proper cleansing
  • Adjustable t-valve provides control for incoming water pressure
  • Handle allows user to turn water on and control stream strength
  • This non-electric bidet works with all variations of the Clean Shield seat: round, elongated, and with or without Support Arms


  • Brand:
    Bemis Independence
  • Model No*
    A06303TWA 000


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