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Model #450EC 071

Bemis Round Enameled Wood Toilet Seat Desert Gold Removes for Cleaning

Shape: Round
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$11.96 MSRP

Product Features

Product Description

The BEMIS Round Closed Front Toilet Seat in Desert Gold features a chip-resistant finish. It has hinges that allow the seat to be easily removed from the bowl for cleaning. The color-matched bumpers and hinges are the perfect complement to any bathroom decor.
  • Enameled wood with a high-gloss finish
  • Color-matched bumpers and hinges
  • Fits most manufacturers’ round toilets
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Easy Clean hinge allows for removal of seat for easy cleaning and replacement


  • Brand:
  • Model No*
    450EC 071
  • Shape:
  • Material:
    Enameled Wood
  • Style:
    Closed Front with Cover
  • Hinges:


  • Bolt Spread:
    5.5 in
  • Depth:
    16.813 in
  • Width:
    14.375 in
  • Height:
    2.063 in
  • Weight:
    6.4 lbs

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