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Bemis on the Morning Blend

Bemis Eco-Friendly Wood Toilet Seats Featured on TMJ-4's Morning Blend

The team from WTMJ's Morning Blend show visited the Bemis Bath Shoppe to film a segment about how Bemis uses repurposed wood to manufacture its wood toilet seats. Featured were several products, including Benton and Kendall, great examples of wood toilet seats, along with the NextStep2 built-in potty seat that fits both adults and toddlers. During the program, Keith Fischer, director of business unit development, explained NextStep2's unique toddler seat, calling it "a functional, stable and secure toddler toilet seat. It also has a magnet to hold it up, so when an adult needs to use it, it will stay up." 

To manufacture its wood seats, each year Bemis repurposes 70 million pounds of wood from Wisconsin window and door manufacturers, blending this with 3 million pounds of scrap and flash and 1.5 million pounds of airborne dust, all from the company's compression molding operations. This is ground and blended to create wood flour, the main ingredient in enameled wood seats. The environmentally friendly process saves scrap that would normally be landfilled, instead, creating a durable, long-lasting product that's coated with water-based paint. Innovative features include:

  • STAY-TITE hinges that provide for easy installation and will never loosen with use.
  • slow-close hinges that eliminate slamming.
  • Easy Clean hinges that let the seat be removed for thorough cleaning.
  • Precision Fit that allows for adjustability during installation.
  • Super Grip - bumpers that provide additional stability.

The TMJ-4 team shared the beauty of metal hinges that add style to the décor, including the newest ones in gold and matte black. Bidets, which the company also offers, make an excellent eco-friendly product as they virtually eliminate toilet paper use and deliver a superior clean.

The segment was filmed at the historic Bemis Bath Shoppe in downtown Sheboygan Falls, originally the Smith Building. In 1994, Bemis bought this building and renovated it, earning the Wisconsin Department of Commerce's recognition for "Best Downtown Revitalization Projects of 2008." The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places and is a downtown shopping destination for locals and visitors.

Learn more about Bemis's eco-friendly manufacturing processes here. All seats are manufactured by a local workforce at the company's headquarters in Sheboygan Falls, WI.