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Bemis Teams Up With Fight CRC

Bidets Provide Easy, Soothing Hygiene for Colorectal Cancer Patients

Simple to use, modern bidets offer superior cleansing, comforting care

No matter what stage of the cancer journey you are in, maintaining personal hygiene is an important component of daily quality of life and long-term health. Bidets provide easy, soothing hygiene for colorectal cancer patients. And if you hear the word bidet and imagine a stand-alone unit next to your existing toilet, think again! Many modern bidet seats install effortlessly directly on your toilet bowl and feature easy-to-use smart technology, giving you customizable options for optimum cleanliness.

How Do Bidets Work?

Bidets work by cleansing with a gentle stream of water. They are very popular in other parts of the world, like Europe and Asia.

Many smart bidets feature remote operation with buttons that press easily, allowing you to select functions without touching the seat. Remote use provides a range of wash options, water temperature and pressure, and spray patterns.

The nozzle setting lets you choose the ideal position – front or posterior – for targeted cleansing, and the UV self-cleaning function automatically cleanses the nozzle after use for additional hygiene.

A warm-air dryer provides soothing warmth for sensitive skin, along with a heated seat that offers comfort for people who may suffer from cold intolerance.

General Benefits of a Bidet

Bidets provide convenience and comfort, including:

  • Remote buttons are easy to press
  • No twisting or bending to reach toilet paper
  • Gentle water pressure for sensitive skin

How Do Bidets Benefit Colorectal Cancer Patients?

In addition to general convenience and comfort, using a bidet is ideal for those experiencing the effects of colorectal cancer and treatment. They include:

  • Comfortable heated seat
  • Gentle water pressure for sensitive skin, which can be effective in reducing the discomfort of constipation
  • Superior cleansing for diarrhea issues
  • Increased personal freshness for those wearing pads
A Bidet Option on a Secure, Raised Toilet Seat

Post-surgery discomfort can make using the toilet challenging. If you experience pain lowering onto the seat, or twisting to wipe aggravates your incision site, there are products that alleviate this like the Bemis Independence Assurance raised toilet seat with a personal wash bidet. The seat itself is three inches and comes with Support Arms for additional security. The bidet operates easily, with a twist knob that controls water flow and stream strength. Together, the seat-and-bidet combo is ideal for easing discomfort and making personal cleansing easier and more effective.

What Are Other Benefits of Using a Bidet?

Studies have found that using a bidet properly can decrease the amount of bacteria found in urine, along with limiting the spread of germs. Because wiping is reduced, hands also stay cleaner.

Environmental benefits include saving toilet paper. Manufacturing one roll alone can consume 37 gallons of water, and this doesn’t account for the chlorine used to whiten the paper and the plastic that toilet paper is often packaged in. Using a bidet also helps preserve forests and conserve water. Approximately 27,000 trees are harvested each day to make toilet paper, and Business Insider magazine estimates that investing in a bidet can lower toilet paper spending by 75%.

Learn more about the Assurance Raised Toilet Seat with Personal Wash Bidet, or the complete line of Bemis bidet seats.

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