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A Toilet Seat That Never Loosens or Wiggles

Our Stay·Tite™ Seat Fastening System™ began as the answer to a problem we noticed in the marketplace: People were wasting time tightening their loose toilet seats. They figured it was a do-it-and-be-done thing, but alas, a few weeks later, those pesky toilet seats started wiggling again.

That’s pretty annoying.

We knew there had to be a better, permanent way to fix loose toilet seats. People were tired of repeated calls from the bathroom – “Mom, the toilet seat’s loose again!” – or worse, that stomach-sinking feeling they got when they sat down and – whee! – slide to the right.

Side of toilet bowl showing a wrench installing Bemis toilet seat hardware

That’s pretty scary. And unsafe.

We solved this problem with the Stay·Tite Seat Fastening System™. This hinge system means your toilet seat will Never Loosen™. That’s a lot of copyright and trademark symbols, but they express our confidence in a system that eliminates the need to tighten your toilet seat.

Stay·Tite also installs easily! During installation, the lower portion of the nut is engineered to break off when proper tightness is achieved.

How Does It Help You? Stay·Tite eliminates:

  • the worry of Did I do that right?
  • over-tightening.
  • any more worries about loose toilet seats.

Toilet bowl with toilet seat removed from mounting baseWondering if once the toilet seat is installed it can’t be removed for cleaning?

Stay·Tite addresses that, too! Some models feature hinges that remove for easy cleaning. Simply flip them up and remove the toilet seat for quick, thorough cleaning. When you’re finished, reverse the process and close the hinge caps.

Mother helping smiling little boy playing on a jungle gym



That’s pretty easy.

And no, your toilet seat won’t wiggle or move once it’s back in place. Remember all those copyright and trademark symbols? They guarantee our confidence in the fact that you now have a toilet seat that will Never Loosen. (We couldn’t resist saying it one last time!)

So you can spend your Saturdays playing with your kids. Working on your latest car project. Planting a garden. We want you to permanently remove “tighten toilet seat” from your to-do list.

That’s pretty cool.

Welcome to Stay·Tite and start enjoying your life.

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