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Is Sitting Painful? Here's a Soft Solution

On average, we spend one hour and 42 minutes each week using the toilet. For some people, that time is extended because a medical or physical condition makes sitting on a toilet seat a very uncomfortable experience.

If you or a loved one cringe at the thought of sitting on a hard toilet seat, knowing that pain is its partner, we encourage you to consider a Soft Seat.

Our Soft Seats start with a classic design, including a solid core for the seat and cover. On top of each, we add a cushioned layer, then surround these with a layer of durable vinyl. As you sit down, the Soft Seat gives you a soft place to land in a layer of cushioned comfort. It’s like a hug for your hiney.

Included in all that softness are a lot of useful features, too! Many of our Soft Seats have Easy Clean & Change® hinges, making cleaning a breeze. Gently twist the hinge caps to the left, flip them up and lift the seat to remove. When you’re finished cleaning, reverse the process and lock the hinge caps. It’s that easy.

If you’ve heard stories about toilet seats sliding around, fear not. Many of our Soft Seats feature our STA-TITE® Seat Fastening System™, meaning once the seat is installed, it won’t budge.

Soft Toilet Seats Bring Comfort for a Variety of Users

In addition to the classic design, easy cleaning and security, our Soft Seats can also provide a measure of comfort for:

  • Patients recovering from surgery – a cushioned seat can relieve pressure when sitting down, providing for easier toileting.
  • Cancer patients – a Soft Seat can ease the discomfort caused by injections and other treatments.
  • The elderly – sitting on a traditional seat can be uncomfortable. Cushioning provides a “soft spot” for users to gently ease onto.
  • Individuals with hemorrhoids – the discomfort associated with these can be alleviated by using a Soft Seat.
  • Children – sensitive skin can sometimes be irritated by sitting for too long on a traditional toilet seat. A Soft Seat is especially inviting.
  • Those who like warmth – a standard toilet seat can sometimes feel cold and uninviting. Because of their cushion, SoftSeatsfeel warm the first time. No unpleasant chills!

Soft Toilet Seats Add Style

Not only is your Soft Seat filled with cushioned comfort, it’s also quite stylish! It’s easy to complement your bathroom with colors like White or Bone. Consider Black to create a bold, confident feel, or Pink or Sky Blue for a subtle touch.

For a truly elegant look, our Soft Seats with chrome hinges impart a gleam that adds a polished touch. Embroidered options like subtle butterflies have a charm that plays well with your décor and adds a light feel in a guest bathroom.

To determine what size Soft Seat you need, click here. To view our complete line of Soft Seats, click here.

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