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How a Toilet Seat Changes the Dynamic of Your Bathroom

Think of the small things in life that make a big difference: A vase of purple irises brightening a countertop. An heirloom ring with elegant, timeworn fringes. A cashmere scarf tossed over your shoulders.

The same thought applies to your bathroom. It’s the subtle details that make the room remarkable, like cushy soft towels, spa candles that flicker with a relaxing glow and a secure, comfortable toilet seat.

It’s this last item we’d like to focus on today.

White vanity with small blue towels and floral arrangement, light blue plastic Bemis toilet seat, silver shower curtain with white waffle patterned shower curtainToilet Seat Function vs. Form

Most people take their toilet seat for granted, thinking of it as more “function” than “form.” But it’s truly a dynamic piece that changes the tone of your bathroom. And it’s such an easy change! Instead of spending hours prepping and painting, spend minutes installing a new toilet seat and voila! Much like that vase of purple irises, your bathroom is suddenly fresh and inspired.

  • Think seasonal: In spring, a seat in Desert Bloom or Yellow invites the warmth of the season and harmonizes with a neutral décor.
  • Think drama: In an all-white bathroom, changing your toilet seat to Black introduces a note of elegance.
  • Think festive: When you bring out the pumpkins for fall, consider a Black or even a Sea Mist Green seat. Surprised? We love it for the fun feel it injects. When the holidays come, we love traditional green or red, paired with a matching seat. Try Loganberry for deeper notes, or Red for a zestful energy.
  • Think friends and family: Your guest bathroom is a special place. Make it even more relaxing with one of our soft toilet seats. Cushioned for comfort, each Soft Seat features a durable, long-lasting core.
  • Think texture: If your bathroom’s overall design tends toward nautical, add a Swirl! Our Swirl toilet seat features a subtle curve on the cover that complements any beachy theme.

See how simple it is?! In every instance, a toilet seat and a few small details create a sparkle that changes your bathroom’s dynamic.

Toilet Seat Features That Make Your Life Easier

You might not have considered this, but as you install a Bemis toilet seat, you’re also installing innovative features that make your life easier.

If you choose a seat with Easy Clean, you’ll find that in a few steps, it removes for easy, thorough cleaning. Many of these seats also come with STAY-TITE, the system that keeps your seat securely attached to the bowl. No more unexpected “wobbles” for you or your family!

A customer favorite is definitely Whisper Close, the slow-closing feature that eliminates slamming. So if your bathroom is your sanctuary, a place where you go to relax and escape, a slamming toilet seat won't ruin your reverie. 

We encourage you to elevate your bathroom from a place you have to use to a space you want to use – all by simply changing your toilet seat.

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