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What Material Should You Choose for Your Toilet Seat?

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Deciding between an enameled wood, plastic, soft and veneer toilet seat doesn’t need to be difficult! Let’s take a look at how the materials perform and the strengths each brings, both as a product and as part of your décor. Each material offers its own benefits, improving your life with features like hinges that let you remove the seat for easy cleaning and durable finishes.

Benefits of Enameled Wood Toilet Seats

Our enameled wood toilet seats have a superior strength and substantial feel, with a high-gloss finish. We make them with a durable finish that resists wear, chips and stains, and is easy to clean. These beautiful seats are often described as feeling heavier and “warmer” to the touch.

They offer design options including:

  • Sculptured models with subtle cover patterns that complement your design theme
  • Metal hinges that upgrade the feel of your décor
  • Hinges that let you easily remove the seat for cleaning

A great option for an enameled wood seat is our Alesio™. With a finish that emulates ceramic, it’s a look that elevates your bathroom style.

Benefits of Plastic Toilet Seats

Our resilient plastic toilet seats feature high-gloss, molded-in color. Although lighter in weight than enameled wood toilet seats, plastic toilet seats are durable, strong and long-lasting. They also give you the benefit of finish that resists wear, chips and stains.

They offer design options including:

  • A range of colors that harmonize with and complement any décor
  • Plastic hinges that let you easily remove the seat for cleaning

If you’re considering a plastic toilet seat, Affinity® upgrades the feel of your décor with its understated, modern design.

Many of our innovative features are found on both enameled wood and plastic, including:

Benefits of Soft Toilet Seats

Soft toilet seats let you sit in cushioned comfort! Each seat features a durable core, topped by a padded layer on both the lid and the seat. This is then covered by a layer of vinyl. Learn about all our Soft Seats here

  They offer benefits including:

  • Creating a spa-like ambience in your bathroom with their understated comfort.
  • For cancer patients or those recovering from surgery, a cushioned seat can relieve pressure when sitting, providing for easier toileting.
  • The elderly – sitting on a traditional seat can be uncomfortable. Cushioning provides a “soft spot” for users to gently ease onto.
  • Individuals with hemorrhoids – their discomfort may be alleviated by using a Soft Seat.

Benefits of Wood Finish Toilet Seats

Wood finish toilet seats share the beauty of natural wood, bringing a warmth and balance to your décor. Our Natural Reflections™ veneer seats are designed with a finish that prevents cracking and splitting, preserving their beauty. They are available in an oak finish with chrome hinges.

Regardless of material, all our toilet seats should be cleaned using mild hand, antibacterial, or dish soap only, to help maintain a glossy finish. Learn more about caring for your seat here.

Can’t make up your mind? Choose several options! At attractive price points with a variety of design choices, it’s easy to switch your seat to complement a change in décor, seasons, or needs. 

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