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Benefits of Enameled Wood Toilet Seats and Plastic Toilet Seats

Deciding between an enameled wood and a plastic toilet seat doesn’t need to be difficult! Let’s take a look at how the materials perform and the strengths each brings, both as a product and as part of your décor.

To begin, each material offers a durable finish that resists wear, chips and stains, and is easy to clean.

Enameled Wood Toilet Seats

Have a superior strength and substantial feel, with a high-gloss finish. They’re often described as feeling heavier and “warmer” to the touch.

They offer design options including:

  • Sculptured models with subtle cover patterns that complement your design theme
  • Metal hinges that upgrade the feel of your décor
  • Plastic hinges that let you easily remove the seat for cleaning

Resilient Plastic Toilet Seats

Feature high-gloss, molded-in color. Although lighter in weight than enameled wood toilet seats, plastic toilet seats are durable, strong and long-lasting.

They offer design options including:

  • A range of colors that harmonize with and complement any décor
  • Plastic hinges that let you easily remove the seat for cleaning
  • Some models feature chrome hinges

Many of our innovative features are found on both enameled wood and plastic, including:

Both our enameled wood and plastic seats should be cleaned using mild hand, antibacterial, or dish soap only, to help maintain a glossy finish. Learn more about caring for your seat here.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a toilet seat that offers design options with a more substantial feel, with a variety of hinge options, choose a beautiful enameled wood seat.

If you’re looking for color selections while still having a toilet seat that provides durability, choose a plastic seat.

Can’t make up your mind? Go with both options! At attractive price points with a variety of design choices, it’s easy to switch your seat to complement a change in décor, seasons, or needs.

View the full offering of our enameled wood toilet seats here and our plastic toilet seats here.