How Often Should You Change Your Toilet Seat? Six Ways to Know |
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How Often Should You Change Your Toilet Seat? Six Ways to Know

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We could be a smarty-pants about it and say that if you’re asking, it’s probably time. But, really, just when is it time to replace your toilet seat? Let’s look at six ways to lift the cover on this puzzle.

  1. When You Move. Sure, the previous tenants might have been sweethearts and cleaned the seat before they moved. But consider this: The average person spends one hour and 42 minutes each week sitting on the toilet. (Yes, we investigate these things so we can share them with you.) If a family of four lived in your house before you bought it, that means they used the toilet seat for 354 hours each year. That should be enough to start you clicking away for a new one! Our recommendations include the fully featured Affinity or our beautiful Alesio.
  2. When Your Seat Moves. Is your toilet seat loose or wobbly? It shouldn’t be. A loose toilet seat has the potential to create safety and hygiene concerns. Repeatedly having to tighten your toilet seat is another clue that it’s time to change it. Many of our seats feature STAY-TITE®, the system that Never Loosens™. We’re so confident that we registered the term and trademarked the phrase. You’ll have confidence, too! Shop your STAY-TITE seat here.
  3. When Your Seat Breaks. Maybe your seat cracks or its slow-close mechanism fails. Cracks can become breeding grounds for bacteria, and yanking your fingers out of the way to avoid getting pinched by a falling seat is excitement of the wrong kind! Our durable, enameled wood toilet seats add beauty, with innovative features that make life less stressful.
  4. When the Seasons Change. It’s fun to decorate for your favorite holiday! Our toilet seat colors celebrate the events and things you do:
    • Team Spirit – Your favorite sports teams, both pro and college
    • Season – Think Sea Green for spring or Loganberry for winter
    • Holiday – Red and Teal are perfect for the holidays, and we like Yellow and Wild Rose for Easter. Black, of course, is ideal for Halloween.
  5. When Your Child Starts Potty Training. Our potty training seats are part of this important milestone! Sized just right for toddlers, these seats feature built-in child rings, STAY-TITE hinges that Never Loosen, and slow-close covers that protect little fingers. Shop your potty training seat here.
  6. When the Temperature Changes. Breathtaking moments should come from watching beautiful scenery, not sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat in the middle of the night. Radiance™ eliminates this with its soothing warmth, and the built-in night light softly illuminates. Toasty buns, anyone?

All our toilet seats should all be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap, hand or dish soap, or anti-bacterial wipes. Learn more about that here.

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