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5 Trends to Build Into Your Bathroom

Incorporating the latest trends into your bathroom is an opportunity to refresh and renew your decor! Pick the trends that speak to your design sensibilities and go all-out on a theme, or customize to include items that fit your taste.

  Let’s see how five of the biggest trends can work for you.

  1. Black is Back. Go for darkness and drama! Create this mood with a dark accent wall, paint the entire room in a deep shade, or keep it simple with coordinating towels and rugs. Consider our Alesio™– this beautiful enameled wood toilet seat complements the dramatic theme while its chrome hinges add subtle elegance.
  2. Beautiful Botanicals. Introducing notes of nature can be as easy as a Boston fern – they love your bathroom’s humidity! – or plan a complete indoor garden. This serene trend is mirrored by our Natural Reflections™ collection, with toilet seats featuring an oak finish.
  3. Matte Is More. Changing your hardware is a great way to stay on trend without breaking the budget. Our new toilet seats with matte black hinges have just the right degree of trendy elegance to enhance your new décor.
  4. Cool, Smooth Marble. Whether you go all-out and install a marble sink and luxurious soaking tub, or hang wallpaper, marble adds a natural elegance. It also offers design flexibility, so choose towels, mats and a shower curtain that play up the cool tones.  Echo this in your toilet seat – our Affinity® fully featured seat elevates the spa theme.
  5. It’s a Concrete Decision. It’s minimalist, utilitarian, and fun to build a mood around! Continue the theme with a geometric mirror, simple lighting and accessories in your choice of color – an unexpected pop or elegant black-and-white accents. Consider our Atwood® toilet seat, featuring contemporary lines that complement concrete’s feel.

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Black towels on rack, small white sink under round mirror, Bemis black toilet seat and swatch of dark towel

Swatch of marble pattern, tan plastic Bemis toilet seat, swatch of peach towel and view of modern bathroom with windows