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Have You Looked Under Your Hinge Caps Lately?? Get Ready...

We've all been there: You walk into a public restroom, enter the stall and stop dead in your tracks. There before you is a toilet seat with a ring of crud around the hinge caps.

Good thing the toilet seat in your bathroom doesn’t have this problem! Or...does it? What, exactly, is lurking under your hinge caps?

Our engineers wondered that very same thing. Brave bunch that they are, they donned their superhero capes and started lifting toilet seat hinge caps to investigate. Because, they reasoned, if you can only wipe around the hinge caps and not underneath them, how clean can things really be?

Based on their findings, ahem, not very.

It's Time to Remove the Toilet Seat

Like we said, our team is very resourceful. Viewing this situation as an opportunity, they knew the best way to clean under the hinges was to remove the toilet seat.

Being engineers, they’re a tad competitive. It wasn’t enough that the toilet seat needed to be removable. It also had to go back on and stay secure. “And,” one of them called out, “Let’s make sure it’s easy to use!”

From those investigations came our toilet seats that can be removed for easy cleaning. They feature several hinge options:

  • Flip open the hinge caps and slide the seat forward to remove for cleaning.
  • Gently twist the hinge caps to the left and slide the seat off to remove for cleaning.

Top down view of toilet seat being removed from toilet bowlRegardless of which hinge option you choose, you’ll get a toilet seat that’s easy to remove with no more hassles and no wondering what’s lurking under your hinge caps. These designs improve your life by allowing you to clean thoroughly, and best of all, are easy to reattach! No tools, just a simple flip, push, twist or click does the job. Sounds like acrobatics, but a lot safer.

All our hinge systems* also feature our STAY•TITE™ Seat Fastening System™. It’s confidence that your toilet seat will Never Loosen™.

It's So Easy to Clean Your Toilet Seat!

So next time you visit one of those less-than-ideal bathrooms, we give you permission to get a little smug. Because now that your bathroom has a toilet seat with hinges that allow you to clean easily, you’ve experienced the joy of knowing that cleaning your toilet seat is not only a breeze, but a way to improve your hygiene, too.

We’ll also take this opportunity to remind you that we recommend mild hand or antibacterial soap to clean your toilet seat. It’s the best way to preserve your seat’s glossy finish.

Sit securely, clean thoroughly. That pretty well sums it up.

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