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Six Hacks Guaranteed to Improve Your Bathroom

We’re strong believers that even though your bathroom serves a function, it should still be a relaxing space, a refuge to escape to at the end of a busy day. And decorating it accordingly helps you feel that sense of calm! Paint, curtains and coordinating accents are easy ways to create a welcoming atmosphere.

But what happens if your current décor feels, well, a bit stale or possibly passé?

Simple Ways to Update

We know that not everyone has the budget for an overhaul! But there are simple things you can do to spruce up your bathroom and change its feel from stale to fresh without breaking the bank.

Consider these six a starting point, ideas to build on and add your own spin to:

  1. A new shower curtain – It's a purchase that pays off. Not only does it brighten the space, but from a hygiene standpoint, if your current shower curtain is dusty, or downright grungy around the edges, it's time for an upgrade. If you have a towel rack near the shower, buy one or two new bath towels in coordinating colors to tie things together. White Bemis toilet seat, silver shower curtain rod with white waffle shower curtain and white bathroom vanity and mirror
  2. A new toilet seat – When was the last time you considered the innovations your current seat has? Or *cough* doesn’t Can a bathroom be a truly peaceful place if you sit down on the toilet and it scoots around? Or, worse yet, slams? We don’t think so, either. Many of our toilet seats feature both Whisper•Close®, the slow-close feature that eliminates slamming, and STAY•TITE™, the hinge system that Never Loosens™. Our seats are durable and comfortable, adding to the restful atmosphere you're creating.
  3. Dress up a wall – Use paint to create a dark accent wall for drama, or wallpaper for textural interest. Either option is an instant switch-up that reflects your personality and builds a mood.Two small lit candles next to jar filled with gold liquid, tan plastic Bemis toilet seat, bar of soap sitting on top of white rolled towel
  4. Switch out the mirror – Nothing says “dated” like a mirror from a previous decade. Many modern finds await online, and you can scour thrift stores or resale shops for unique treasures.
  5. Go white or go home – How about a totally clean slate? White walls, shower curtain and towels, plus our Jamestown®! The look is fresh, modern and provides the ideal backdrop for just about any wall art and decorations. 
  6. The simplest one? Switch out your scents, and for added appeal, coordinate them with your décor! In spring, try a botanical shower curtain with our Ming Green toilet seat. Then spritz a light cucumber melon scent. In fall, mix it up with cream towels, a Tan toilet seat, and a warm, spicy room spray.Fern fronds, green plastic Bemis toilet seat, small potted plant next to two lit candles

Here’s a Bonus Tip…

Add a plant or two! Begonias love humidity and bright, indirect light, while snake plants can survive on low light and minimal water. Aside from adding beauty and interest to your décor, many plants are odor-absorbing, providing additional bathroom benefits.

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