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You Woke Last Night to the Sound of a Crash

Scenario 1: You’re sleeping soundly, an hour or so from your normal waking time when your partner gets up to use the bathroom. Suddenly, a SLAM! pops your eyelids open as the toilet seat crashes to the bowl. Your heart thuds. Instantly, you know it: Sleep is over for the night.

Scenario 2: Your five-year-old is in the bathroom when you hear a SLAM! and a wail that seizes your heart. You run, breathless, to find that her little fingers got caught in a slamming toilet seat.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

You can enjoy restful sleep without worrying that your toilet seat will go rogue in the middle of the night. Your children should be able to use the toilet without fearing pinched fingers.

How? Whisper•Close®.

With just a tap, this innovative slow-close feature lets your toilet seat close quietly to the bowl. And Whisper•Close works whether you just close the cover, the seat, or both.Bemis toilet seat with lid closing very slowly

Wondering if Whisper•Close is one of those hide-and-seek features only available on a limited number of toilet seats? Hardly!

We believe in innovation and know that sharing is caring, the best way to improve the quality of life for our customers. That’s why you’ll find Whisper•Close on a wide variety of our toilet seats:


Smiling toddler girl on toilet and shoulder and arm view of father who is high fiving her 

Here's Scenario 3: Long nights of dream-filled sleep, uninterrupted by sudden slams. Children who enjoy the “big kid” feel of using the toilet without worrying about pinched fingers.

Will Whisper•Close encourage your family to finally close the cover? Even we can’t guarantee that. But what we can promise is that if they decide to at least try, just a tap will make it happen.

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