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Seasonal Decorating: Winter

No other season glitters like winter! It brings the excitement of gathering with family and friends. Holiday parties and sequins. Snowflakes sparkling as they swirl down. Seasonal colors like red, black, and the wink of silver.

And when your friends and family are together at your house, you want it looking festive, right down to the last detail. And that includes the bathroom. Creating a holiday-inspired bathroom is easy, especially when we start with your toilet seat.

If you've never considered switching out your toilet seat to complement your decorating, now is the perfect time to start. Our colored toilet seats are easy to install! Simply switch out your existing seat and install a dash of color that brightens the space instantly. And our toilet seats will never loosen, so your family and friends can sit securely, no matter how often they've been dipping in the punch bowl. 

So using popular holiday colors – red, black, silver – we’ll share simple decorating tips that make the bathroom a place to welcome guests or escape after a hectic holiday hoopla.

Let’s get started!


No other color says “holiday” quite like red. Bold and confident, red adds energy and a dynamic feel. Start with our red toilet seat and pair it with: 

  • Fresh white towels. White is a natural balance to red’s strength and introduces a “snowy” theme.
  • Greenery in glass jars. Complementing the white towels, glass jars add sparkle. The natural greens tone down red’s energy.
  • Themed artwork. Whether you choose traditional or whimsical, artwork allows you to express personality and continue the winter feel.pine cones and greens in jar with red ribbon, red toilet seat and stack of white towels


Elegant, balanced and classic, black makes a subtle statement. It can be used as a base or an accent color, depending on your focus. Pair our Black toilet seat with:

  • A holiday shower curtain. Choose a Santa curtain for a child’s bathroom, or a classic holly-themed curtain for the guest bath.
  • Gold. Paired with black, this elegant color adds an elevated touch. Fill a vase with black and gold ornaments or beads, then tie a black ribbon around the top for instant appeal.
  • White soap. Choose a vintage thrift store dish and fill it with a stack of miniature bars of white soap. The perfect way to add fragrance and texture. Two bars of white soap in dish, black toilet seat, and tray with lit brown candles and small branch in jar


Sparkling and festive, silver adds zing and a refreshing vibe. Start with our Silver toilet seat and add:

  • small silver Christmas ornaments stacked in glass jars and tied with festive ribbons.
  • royal blue towels. The silver-and-blue combo creates a frosty, refreshing feel.
  • white, which brightens and balances with silver’s glints. Glass jar labeled Merry Christmas filled with blue ornaments, grey toilet seat and stack of blue and white towels

Make Sure To Order the Right Color

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a product, anticipating its arrival, and unboxing it to find it’s not quite right. Our color chips let you compare colors ahead of time so your order the toilet seat that best matches your bowl. Call the Bemis Bath Shoppe at 888.599.8881 to get started.

Please note: Colors on a website can vary considerably from the actual color of the toilet seat due to monitor and printer settings. The colors on our website are for approximate visual use and should not be used to match colors exactly to your toilet bowl.

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